Carbon Steel Seamless Pipe

Seamless carbon steel pipe or solid steel ingot is made of the capillary tube through the hole, then through the hot-rolled, cold rolled or cold call is made. Seamless carbon steel pipe in China’s steel industry has an important position. Seamless carbon steel pipe material is a round tube, pipe cutting machine embryos to go through cutting about 1 m of length blank, and sent by conveyor belt furnace heating. Billet is fed into the heating furnace, the temperature is about 1200 degrees Celsius. Fuel is hydrogen or acetylene. Furnace temperature control is the key issue. Round tube came out to punch through the machine through air pressure. Generally more common punch is tapered roll perforation machine, the punch high production efficiency, product quality, large diameter hole expansion, can wear a variety of steel. Perforation, round tube has been on three-roll cross rolling, rolling or extrusion. Squeezed off the tube after sizing. Sizing by high-speed rotary cone drill holes into the billet to form a tube. Pipe diameter by the sizing mill to determine the length of the drill diameter. After the pipe through the sizing into the cooling tower, cooling by water spray, steel after cooling, should be straightening.

Carbon Steel Pipes are widely used in fertilizer, petroleum, centra station, boiler, power station, shiping, chemical industry, environment protection, food industry, and so on.